Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground


Kathy O’Brien Rogers


Kathy is a retired MAJ, US Army, master fitness trainer, nutrition coach, and wellness coach. She joined CW in 2011 as a part time teacher for one class and has now helped grow her region of CW to 20 states and four overseas locations. She works full time as a Training Developer at Ft. Campbell, KY and teaches CW yoga to the Special Operations Aviation community. Outside of yoga, Kathy enjoys running, weight lifting, krav maga, SUP or anything else on the water, in the woods, or on a trail. She has spent several years competing in 5k/1/2 marathons, duathlons, triathlons, bike races, and even the Bataan Memorial Death March where she received a first-place medal (heavy class). She loves teaching to veterans and believes there should be a CW class for Veterans everywhere!

Regional/Field Coordinators &



Angel Coughlin


Angel Coughlin is a wife, mother and Navy veteran. She is a certified yoga teacher RYT-500 and pursuing a Professional Yoga Therapist Certification. Angel currently the CW Regional Coordinator for Georgia. She found CW a little over a year ago and immediately knew this was an organization she would be involved with. Her favorite part is witnessing the life transforming effects of trauma conscious yoga on the minds and bodies of her fellow service members and their families. Angel has a passion for bringing Yoga to people in all stages of life and has a sincere desire to help those around her find peace in the midst of the chaos we call life.


AnnMarie Burnett (Annie)


Annie is a military spouse who loves to get others involved in CW. She enjoys helping people incorporate exercise in their daily life while having fun. Annie is a 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance and Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE, TRX Instructor and Certified Aerobic Instructor through NETA. She specializes in senior fitness, child fitness and pre/post pregnancy. In her free time, she enjoys golf, yoga, the beach and exploring new places.


Beth Kiser


Beth Kiser is a professional cellist, wellness specialist and creative arts therapist. She is passionate about the use of the arts, vibration, yoga and mindfulness as healing tools. Beth practices music therapy in schools, community centers and mental health settings. She uses her cello, yoga, the Tibetan gong and ensembles to inspire creativity and healing. Beth is the founder and director of the Madison Cello Ensemble as well as Camp Begin, a wellness and arts program for kids. She has partnered with Breathe For Change to teach mindfulness and mentor new yoga teachers. Beth loves to share her yoga practice, music, great food and healthy outdoor time in the garden with her friends and family. In her free time, Beth enjoys sailing, skiing or hanging out with her crazy Portuguese Water dogs!


Christina Andrini


Christina Andrini is a 200hr E-RYT, YACEP Yoga Instructor and owner of Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation based out of New Orleans, LA. She is an adventure loving, globetrotting yogini, a mother of two boys and a pug, and a wife of a Navy Corpsman Veteran turned NOPD. In her downtime, she enjoys reading, being an at-home tourist, traveling, and continuing her spiritual, mental, and physical yoga practice. Most recently, she has begun to learn Bahasa, Indonesian and is taking yoga classes in Spanish. She travels the world hosting Yoga Wellness and Volunteerism retreats to work with other Nonprofits and NGO’s in an effort to make a difference in the life of each person she works with. Christina began her CW journey in 2011 and has since become a Regional Director for Louisiana and Mississippi and is continuing in her journey to becoming a CW Trainer. Her favorite aspect of CW is seeing the change in the lives of so many veterans and service members as well as her own husband. “When a veteran tells me he was able to sleep through the night and gives me a hug of appreciation, it continues to solidify why I teach this practice.”


Dan Johnson


Dan Johnson lives on the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. After serving eight years in the Navy, he moved to Jalalabad in 2012 to work for the Army and then went on to Bagram in 2013 to support the Air Force. His hobbies include traveling, surfing, snorkeling and diving. Dan found yoga to be ideal for correcting the mental and physical imbalances that develop in a deployed environment. In 2016, he began instructing Bagram Power Yoga and coordinating classes with other instructors as the CW Regional Coordinator for Afghanistan.


Elizabeth Lakey


Elizabeth Lakey is from Sweden and has two daughters. Apart from yoga, she enjoys running, horseback riding and recently discovered the magic of SUP-yoga. Elizabeth heard about CW and loved the concept of serving those who have served. She understands how hard it can be to come home and deal with everyday life and looks forward to finding a way to do something for her fellow veterans in Sweden.


Felicia Mason


Felicia Mason is an army wife and mother of two, student and teacher, concert goer and gardener. Her husband is the fourth generation to serve our country in her family. She has been teaching yoga since 2008 and has been with CW since 2013 through our Program Director, Kathy Rogers. Felicia is now the Regional Coordinator and Senior Teacher in the Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia chapters. For Felicia, working with the Warrior Transition Battalion and Intensive Outpatient Unit at Fort Campbell has given her the opportunity to really get involved with our active duty personnel to help them heal. She has enjoyed seeing these groups open up and create a supportive community amongst each other regardless of their rank.


Jason McKeogh


Jason McKeogh has been involved with CW for over five years. He began his journey as a student enjoying the myriad of benefits that comes with a regular yoga practice. In 2016, he was asked if he would be interested in becoming a yoga teach for CW. After several months of studying and practicing teaching to his family, he earned his 200-RYT. Jason’s favorite aspect of CW is that a soldier can take CW classes throughout their military career and continue once they retire or leave the military. He is a father of two wonderful daughters and in his free time, he enjoys running, hiking in the mountains, and playing X-Box.


Kate Phillips


Kate first discovered yoga when she took an Ashtanga lead primary class in 2005 as an undergrad in Minnesota. After graduating college, Kate moved to North Carolina where she completed her 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings as well as the Ashtanga Primary Series teacher intensive with David Swensen. In 2015, Kate was hired as the full-time yoga teacher for Womack Army Medical Center’s Intrepid Spirit Center at Ft. Bragg, NC teaching yoga and mindfulness practices to active duty soldiers as a part of the Pain Management and Traumatic Brain Injury Clinics. Kate’s classes are influenced by several different styles and lineages with an emphasis on the dynamic sequencing of Ashtanga yoga blended with the importance of safe alignment in Iyengar yoga. As a teacher, her intention is to offer fun and playful classes that are designed to inspire self-awareness, a feeling of personal empowerment, and a sense of the connection we have to ourselves and the world we live in.


Martha Catz


Martha has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and has been teaching for nearly 20. She completed her Duke Integrative Medicine’s MBSR and Health Coaching certification, a Masters degree in Health Psychology and an additional 700 hours of yoga therapy training. Her family is made up of her husband, Dan, daughters Jessica and Rachel and pets Sam and Buzz. Outside of yoga, her hobbies include Jiu Jitsu and rock climbing. Martha was introduced to Judy Weaver four years ago through her teacher/mentor, Janet Gormley-Etchells, and is now the Regional Director for the Connected Warriors program in North Carolina. She loves bringing CW to military bases where active duty personnel, veterans, reserves, and their families blend together.


Pam Tejes


Pam has an avid interest in health and wellness and studied biology in college. She appreciates both the scientific and medical aspects of health as well as the practical implementation of sustainable practices that support physical, mental, and spiritual wellness at an individual level. After years of practicing yoga, Pam obtained her teaching certification and is a member of Yoga Alliance. In 2015, she was introduced to CW through Rocket City Yoga Week. Motivated to give back to those who serve, she became a trained instructor and now teaches in Huntsville, AL. Pam enjoys seeing families participate and become part of a nurturing community. Her hope is to support students of all levels in discovering the joy of yoga and building a strong personal practice. Outside of yoga, she will likely be outdoors kayaking, hiking, cycling, or digging in the garden. She also enjoys reading, cooking, painting, and making jewelry.


Sandra Weiss


Sandy first approached yoga in a “Yoga for Strength” class more than 20 years ago. She completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training with Beryl Bender Birch through the Hard and the Soft Yoga Institute and has been teaching for ten years. With her philosophy of “all that you need to do is breathe”, Sandy is able to skillfully instruct yoga to all levels. She began teaching yoga to military veterans, active duty personnel and their families through Connected Warriors in 2016 and takes pride in allowing everyone to feel successful within their own practice. Outside of teaching yoga, Sandy enjoys simply being active, travelling, and spending time with her husband, three daughters, and granddaughter.


Scott Pacello


Scott Pacello retired from the US Army in 2011 with 29 years of enlisted and officer time. He is married and has three boys. His interests include rugby, trail running, mountain biking, surfing and many other outdoor activities. After retirement, he has worked multiple jobs domestically and abroad supporting our country’s interests. Currently he is working as a sales associate at Mountain High Outfitters in Huntsville, AL. Scott has been involved with CW since 2016 and is currently our Alabama Veteran Ambassador. His favorite part of CW is that it is an excellent method of helping Veterans that has proven success that he, himself, has experienced.


Sheila Levenhagen


Sheila Levenhagen has been teaching yoga for nearly six years. In 2014, she was asked to talk to veterans at her local Vet Center and share her experience and knowledge of yoga. In talking and listening to what was happening with the veterans she was visiting, she felt a strong pull to “give back”. With the help of the Vet Center, they put together a well-received PTSD Workshop to help enlighten local yoga teachers, therapists and the community about what many veterans and service members were experiencing. Yoga helped Sheila feel more in control of life’s challenges, anxiety and times of depression and she couldn’t wait to share that with a military population. After her teacher training, she felt more empowered to be able to serve those who have served! Her favorite part of CW is seeing students lay on their mats and watching their response to the meditation she lead them through.


Stephanie Mobley


Stephanie chooses to approach her yoga practice, teaching, and life in general with enthusiastic love. After having back surgery in 2008, she was looking for a way to complement her physical therapy and found a six-week course on yoga for beginners. She hasn’t been the same since! Stephanie completed her first 200-hour Teacher Training program with Yoga Works in 2010 and continues to train with Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Yoga Institute and has now completed her third 200-hour Teacher Training Course at Savannah Power Yoga. When she isn’t on her yoga mat, you can find Stephanie with her husband, Clay and their children usually participating in some kind of salt water activities!