Our Founders

Connected Warriors, Inc. was born from the strength and determination of two people

Judy Weaver

Beau MacVane

Beau MacVane

Judy is a yoga teacher living in South Florida who has gained wide recognition for her unique ability to guide her teachers and students to achieve their full potential. In 2007, Judy met Beau MacVane, a strapping 6’4″ Army Ranger, who after returning home from his fourth tour of duty in Iraq, contracted Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Beau asked Judy to teach him yoga so he could stay as strong and connected to his body as humanly possible as he fought his terminal illness. Over the next several years Judy watched in awe as Beau was able to use her instruction, and his determination, to battle the decline of his physical body. What arose was a mental focus and a self-awareness that changed them both.

When Beau passed away, surrounded by his loving family and friends, he left with a peace of mind more powerful than any physical limitation. Judy’s passion in offering her skill to the military is dedicated to the Warrior Spirit of Beau MacVane and his family.

Ralph LovinoRalph Iovino served in the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam and was awarded the Purple Heart, as well as, the Navy Commendation with Combat V for Valor. For more than thirty years after his return from combat, Ralph struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress. Despite the sometimes debilitating effects, Ralph never stopped searching for help for himself and for other Veterans. He spent several years as a Veterans Service Officer in the New York area advocating for the rights of fellow Veterans not to be forgotten after an unpopular war.

Looking beyond the traditionally offered methods of recovery, in 2007, Ralph decided to try yoga. The immediate effects were so profound that he became a “regular” at his local yoga studio where Judy was a teacher. Eventually he became a yoga teacher as well, and from their shared passion and inspiration, the Connected Warriors, Inc. project was started.