In the Words of Our Warriors

I choose to go to the mat for the next breath!

d7c0d305d6a7ea2cddda2bda78923fca“When I first got involved in Yoga,  I was introduced in a way that was comfortable to me. No judgement and no expectations. I focused on listening and learning the poses.  All this seemed fairly easy, so I continued to attend classes and practiced to get better on my techniques and adding the breath with the movements. I started sleeping better, my mood swings were less severe and some of the old anger started to diminish”

“This changed everything. It created a new peace and space that allowed balance. I felt more calm and more in tune with myself which made me relax and I could move through the poses easier and with a lighter and more stronger feeling.”


f30cbc579453ca85cc7874f66d7d9348“Yes, there were times, and still are, where after an hour of class I felt uncomfortable but the breath allowed me to go beyond the physical and emotional.  It let me feel the issues of mistrust, guilt, anger, isolation and depression and to see them in a way that they were no longer in control.  When faced with this, I realized I either had to learn how to deal with this or ignore them and slip back into my old comfortable numbing patterns.  I chose to go to the mat…..”

I want to tell you as a pilot who flew the F-16 for nearly 20 years… your classes have done me tremendous good.  The F-16 was a punishing aircraft physically in the high G environment.  I had for a long time sore neck and back issues and numb and tingling in my hands and arms.  Since my practice with you for the last few years, I am pain free… so thank you.        

        Major Stephen Mazzola, U.S. Air Force, Retired

Life has changed for the better since Yoga.  I don’t use the VA for physical therapy,  I sleep better, have learned to cope with stressful issues,  be calm in an MRI and made friends, which is hard.

Thanks for helping me Live!!                                                                       


267982cc63f937b99993505940240ca3“What’s better than a room full of Vets and volunteers to gain peace and inner strength? For me right now, this is working for me. I am different now. I don’t walk nightly patrols. I drive safely on 95; I’m no longer a patriot missile in a Mitsubishi. I understand that the fight is over and I am no longer the center of the Universe or the one that they are all trying to kill. It has been a long journey, and I hope now that I can live the rest of my life with a smile and the most important thing …. The next breath”.