From our inception, one of Connected Warriors, Inc. Inc’s primary focuses has been sharing yoga with veterans, servicemembers and their families. We are one of the very few organizations supplying free yoga that can help veterans and their families to heal from the traumas they experience through deployment.

The Yoga Readiness Initiative builds upon this work, and broadens our focus to reach active duty military service men, veterans and women and their families. Through the help of our corporate partners, GAIAM and the GIVE BACK YOGA FOUNDATION and our service organizations and volunteers, this project shares free yoga field kits with military personnel who are serving at bases across the country and around the globe. This gift is extended in a spirit of gratitude for those who serve – offering tools that can help service men and women connect with strength, calm and inner peace when it’s time to be “at ease.” Below is a link to access these free or low-cost digital resources offer a guided exploration of the benefits of meditation and breath work (pranayama) to balance the nervous system and turn off the fight or flight response when it’s time to relax.

Each Yoga Readiness Kit contains:

Yoga mat which is home base – a place to return to for grounding, clarity and peace. Through the support of corporate sponsor GAIAM, each Yoga Readiness Kit contains a mat, block and strap to support a service member in exploring a personal practice.

Practice guides offer valuable step-by-step instruction for asana and meditation, as well as the context of each practice and why it works. Yoga Readiness Kits include a Mindful Yoga Therapy practice guide and Yoga for Warriors book, along with our Connected Warriors, Inc. resource guide.

Digital resources can be used at nearly any time, in any place. As part of each Yoga Readiness Kit, service members can access free downloads of breath work practices and guided meditations, while connecting with other service members who are exploring the gifts of yoga through Sounds True. Use the link below to access audio resources.