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Indian River State College Pruitt Campus
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3rd Wednesday of each month


Indian River State College Pruitt Campus
Schreiber Veterans Center
500 NW California Blvd
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Gail L'esperance-Norris & Jim O'Rourke

yogabygail@gmail.com or val21487@aol.com

Welcome to Connected Warriors Yoga Class

Connected Warriors is the largest community based volunteer organization providing trauma-conscious yoga therapy for service members, veterans and their families in the United States.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and secure environment with a strong emphasis on re-establishing the mind-body connection and guiding our warriors and families to healthier and more peaceful lives.

Participants of our classes learn how to handle stressful situations in a more relaxed manner by quieting and focusing their mind, which encourages positive thoughts and self-acceptance. By increasing relaxation and lowering stress, participants generally feel benefits in the following areas:

  • Sleep longer and more deeply
  • Strength, flexibility, balance and focus
  • Heightened cardiovascular conditioning, lower blood pressure and weight management
  • Stronger bones, improved immune functions and increased oxygen supply to the body
  • Mental and physical health intervention, management of PTS and TBI symptoms
  • A non-pharmaceutical method to manage symptoms and relieve stress
  • Improvement in self-confidence, self-worth, enhanced ease and equanimity in daily life


What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of physical postures (asana) and movement combined with breath (pranayama) intended to bring peace of mind and well-being. Yoga postures and breathing techniques build the mind/body connection, which cultivates the connection to self, ability to observe and stay with inner thoughts and feelings, and the ability to remain present. The practice can help regain a sense of control and ownership over your body and experiences. Practicing yoga is to learn to listen to your body and make choices to take care of yourself – this is the practice of mindfulness. Trauma conscious yoga provides an opportunity to be physically in sync with others. Connected Warrior classes foster a strong sense of community shared by participants at each location.

What to Expect?

  • Available Classes
    • Working In – 45 Minutes – This class involves introspection and internal awareness using gentle and restorative postures, guided visualization, breathing and meditation
    • Inner Strength – 60 Minutes - This is our “core” Connected Warriors class. It involves postures, meditation, and pranayama (breathing) while emphasizing the mind-body connection.
    • Working Out – 75 Minutes - This is a more physical yoga class that focuses on postures, which increase strength, stamina, mobility, and overall physical health
    • Women’s Only – 60 Minutes – This class is for female servicemembers and/or veterans that focuses on self-awareness of the physical and mental bodies through breathing, meditation and gentle postures.
    • Polytrauma – 60 Minutes – This class is for students with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) using breathing, postures and meditation
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that allows movement
  • Do not eat anything heavy 2 hours prior to class. Stay hydrated before and after class
  • Props are available in all classes – blocks, straps, blankets and chairs