Trauma-Conscious Training

Trauma-Conscious Training


Thank you for your interest in Connected Warriors Trauma-Conscious Yoga Training

Connected Warriors is the largest volunteer based 501(c)(3) providing Trauma-Conscious yoga classes to Servicemembers, Veterans and their Families at no cost to participants. CW currently provides classes in yoga studios, VA Medical Centers, Vet Centers, Community Centers and Active-Duty military installations worldwide.

CW training provides you a deeper understanding in:

  • Military culture and other demographics managing trauma
  • Physiological and biological impact of trauma
  • Yoga as a tool for post-traumatic growth
  • CW yoga class protocols including language, environmental considerations and sequencing

Training Tracks

CW training has two tracks that you can choose depending on your intention for certification:

Track 1 – Comprehensive Trauma-Conscious Yoga Teacher Training Program for those who will be teaching a CW Trauma-Conscious class. *$199 Tuition (see below)

  • This track specifically focuses on the military demographic
  • Home Study and Evaluation 3 Hours
  • Video Class and Evaluation 4 Hours
  • In-Person Practicum 3 Hours
  • 10 Yoga Alliance CEUs included in the paid tuition

*Training in exchange for a one-year commitment to teach a minimum of 18 classes for Connected Warriors – CEU Fee $10

Track 2 – Comprehensive Trauma-Conscious Yoga Teacher Training for those who will teach a Trauma-Conscious class to any demographic. $299 Tuition (no in-kind exchange offered)

  • This track provides a broad spectrum of trauma demographics
  • Home Study and Evaluation 3 Hours
  • In-Person Comprehensive Training 8 Hours
  • In-Person Practicum 3 Hours
  • 14 Yoga Alliance CEUs included in the paid tuition

Training Components

  • Home Study
    • A self-paced, home-study of the Connected Warriors Training manual
    • A supplemental required reading list. (Books are not included in the training fee – they are available on and at most local libraries.)
    • On-line home study evaluation and verification
  • On-line video training
    • Offered monthly – 4 hours
    • On-line video evaluation and verification
  • In-Person Training
    • Offered periodically (minimum 10 attendees) – 8 hours
    • Attendance at in-person training day(s) to review the Home-study materials, to understand trauma, biological impact of trauma and how to facilitate a Trauma-Conscious Yoga class for different trauma demographics.
    • Training is facilitated by a qualified Connected Warriors Educator
  • In-Person Practicum
    • Offered periodically and on-demand – 3 hours
    • Attendance at an in-person training day to review the Home-study materials
    • Practice teaching exercises
    • Preparation to teach a Trauma-Conscious Yoga Class
    • Training is facilitated by a qualified Connected Warriors Trainer
    • Limited to 20 participants

Eligibility Requirements

The following are eligibility requirements for yoga professional’s teaching certification:

  • Professional yoga teacher with a 200-hour Yoga Alliance (or equivalent) certification
  • Minimum of 30-hours yoga teaching experience
  • Proof of personal professional liability insurance (Required prior to teaching a CW class)
  • Current CPR certification (Required prior to teaching a CW class)

Mental health and wellness professionals interested in personal growth and/or professional development are also invited to attend our training. Please note: If you are not a yoga professional, a working knowledge of the practice of yoga including poses and breathing techniques is helpful to participate.

Cost of Training

See Track details for costs or exchange. Participants apply, register and pay online.

Additional Information

All in-person trainings must have a minimum of five (5) registered attendees three (3) weeks prior to the date of training. All scheduled trainings must be approved by the assigned Coordinator and the Director of Operations.

For additional information on upcoming trainings, go to Click on the “Get Involved” tab to access the Training page.

Contact our Founder & Director of Education- Judy Weaver at for any additional questions or inquiries.

Upcoming Trauma-Conscious Yoga Training:

Virtual CWTT – Track 1  – REGISTER HERE


***We are in the process of developing a more efficient way of training virtually due to the COVID-19 Outbreak. We will have a solution in the coming weeks!! Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. ***


If you are interested in hosting a future Connected Warriors training outside of the locations listed, please contact Judy Weaver (Founder & Director of Education) at