Our Mission & Journey

Our Mission & Journey



Helping the world feel better – one breath at a time


Our mission at Connected Warriors is to empower the warriors in our community through a journey of healing, growth, and transformation. With a community-based approach, we strive to partner with agencies supporting First Responders, Veterans, Active-Duty Servicemembers and their Families. Our goal is to provide meaningful, life-affirming services at no cost, benefiting individuals, families, and the community as a whole.

The Connected Warriors mission is to elevate the warriors in our community by engaging them in a process of healing, growth and change in ways that benefit themselves, their families and the community. Using a community based approach, Connected Warriors strives to partner with all agencies that benefit veterans and their families.  Connected Warriors acts as a leading advocate for veterans, active duty military, and veteran services with local, state, and the federal government.



Our volunteer staff, participating class hosts and yoga instructors are community-based. They all share a common desire to help our Nation’s Warriors at home, in their communities.


Trained Instructors

We offer free trauma-conscious teacher training to certified yoga teachers and health care professionals. Our training is Yoga Alliance Certified for 5-10 CEU’s.


Our Partners

Our success thrives on the amazing support of our partners! Local yoga studios and corporate allies hosting classes play a crucial role in our programs’ success.

Your Support

Join us in spreading peace and making a lasting impact in your community! At Connected Warriors, our volunteers are the cornerstone of our success. Consider donating your time and expertise to support America’s First Responders, Veterans, and Their Families on their journey to find peace of mind. Together, we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today at info@connectedwarriors.org to learn more about joining our team.

Your Support

Volunteers are the secret to our success!

We need you, so consider donating and help spread peace in your community. Please contact us today to join our team. Email info@connectedwarriors.org.

America’s Servicemembers, Veterans, and Their Families are discovering peace of mind together, and they’re paying their peace forward–because what happens at Connected Warriors lasts a lifetime!