Cutting-Edge Behavioral Health

Cutting-Edge Behavioral Health



Connected Warriors knows that no two experiences in the military are the same.  We recognize that the treatment for the warriors participating cannot be the same either.  We do not prescribe to one size fits all therapy or an out of the box approach.  We use what works, tailored to the individual.  We also use the passion of our treatment staff to provide the most innovative and cutting-edge treatment to enhance the opportunity for healing and growth.  We change our treatment plans in conjunction with our veterans.  Life is not static, as it changes, we re-evaluate and form a new plan.

We recognize that there is a stigma attached to seeking help; furthermore, during this national pandemic, our veterans have not been afforded the opportunity to engage in therapy with in-person interventions and the suicide rate has increased dramatically.  Connected Warriors recognizes the need for face-to-face therapeutic interventions and will provide them while adhering to all the recommendations of the CDC.  If you are fighting for your life, we will stand next to you.

Best practices and evidenced-based modalities of treatment will be prescribed to everyone as the need presents. Whether you have experienced the trauma of combat, the isolation from others, or feel no one really understands, Connected Warriors has an open door and open heart for you. We will walk this journey together.

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